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When it comes to running your business, Good is not enough.

That is why Minnesota small and medium businesses choose Axiom IT.
Our Small Business IT Services and Management solutions are industry-proven and customized for your needs and budget.
Your company will be assigned a Microsoft certified lead technician.
They will be your point of contact, along with diagnosing and implementing a variety of support measures for your immediate and long-term needs.

Small business IT support in Minneapolis

Axiom IT Services offers you the best possible support and protection for your company’s most critical data and operations.

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Small Business IT Support and Management

Network Documentation and Accessibility

Network documentation for ITWho controls your network information?  We believe that your company’s information and data should be always readily available to you, and that you should never have to inquire with your IT company regarding access. To facilitate this, we create a specially designed network control document for your company, which includes a full network inventory of all your servers, workstations, and other network devices. You deserve peace of mind, knowing that your vital user and network information, as well as all your software licensing information, is always readily accessible.

Reliable, Quality Onsite and Remote Support Services

IT help desk

Whether it is onsite or immediate remote desktop or server support that you are in need of, Axiom IT Services is here to serve you in your Small business IT needs. Our personalized support technicians are committed to answering your questions and quickly resolving any issues that you may be experiencing with your network.
Contact us today to schedule your free network IT assessment to determine the overall health and status of your system and environment. We can quickly and effectively assess the level of functionality and integrity of your most critical data storage and operations.

Disaster Recovery

Disaster recovery IT support

Recovering your server data in the event of a system failure is something you should never have to worry about. Axiom IT Services provides multiple solutions to choose from, including a Universal Data Restore System and a server image that can be stored off site and accessed in the event of an unforeseen server issue. You can rest assured that your critical information will always be protected to the highest degree under our customized restorative and support services.

Personal Microsoft Certified Technicians

Microsoft trainedcertified technicians in Minneapolis - Saint Paul MN

When an IT or network issue occurs, we ensure that your company will always be promptly serviced by a member of our highly qualified Microsoft Certified Network Support Specialist team, who take pride in familiarizing themselves, and becoming well-acquainted with, your company’s specific system needs and environment.

Full-service IT solutions include

  • Server Integration and Management

    Complete Server Management Plans.

  • Network Speed

    Improving, Optimizing, and Managing

  • Spyware / Malware / Viruses

    Corporate-Level Network Security.

  • Windows Patching

    Stay updated and Prevent Downtime.

  • Disaster Recovery

    Backing Up and Storing your Data.

  • Cloud Managed Services

    Email, Servers, Backup and Recovery.

Industries Served

  • Business Services
    Medical Offices
    Consumer Services
    Real Estate

Our commitment to helping you reduce IT costs.

Reduce IT costs with Axiom IT Services. We are committed to helping you significantly reduce your overall IT support costs.

As opposed to the more common ‘break-fix’ model of support, we believe in ongoing and preventative support.

Proactive, preventative support results in healthier systems. Healthier systems require fewer repairs, allowing for significantly reduced IT costs over the long term.

To help facilitate this, we offer you a special multi-phase plan, which is specifically designed for your company’s unique IT needs and budget.

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