Data Protection

Backup and secure data on-site
and on the cloud.

Data Protection for Minnesota business.

What does successful data protection look like?

Quite simply, it is the ability to backup and restore lost data.  However, this process is critical and should not be overlooked by any business, small or large.

There are four key components to a proper network backup solution.

  1. Shadow copy
  2. Daily offsite backups
  3. Disaster recovery
  4. Owning a Server

Shadow copy

Shadow copying is a process in which the server makes a copy of your changed files according to a schedule set forth on data share where you store your files. This allows you to restore your network files to a previous version and time. By default, the schedule is usually set to make a copy of file changes twice daily. Daily Backup is performed once a day and the backup drive or tape is stored in a fireproof locked safe onsite.

Daily Backups

Offsite daily backups are critically important in case of fire, theft, or natural disaster.

Disaster Recovery

Disaster Recovery requires many things for a successful recovery of your server and data. Something to
consider when implementing a proper disaster recovery solution is the hardware and backup solution
you are using.

Owning a Server

Servers from one of the top manufacturers such as Dell, IBM, or HP can reduce your down time and save you money in the end. A machine built from a store or from the IT service provider is not considered an adequate solution. In most cases these machines are underpowered, and if something should fail it would be difficult to get the hardware and execute recovery within a reasonable amount of time. These machines are called ‘white box computers’ or servers.

When you purchase a server from one of the top manufactures like Dell, IBM, or HP, they will come with a warranty whereby they will send out a technician to replace the hardware within the same or next business day, depending on what warranty you purchased at the time.

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